30 Day 10 minute Challenge

Lets do this...

I know its always a struggle to find time to be creative, but I think its possible to give 10 minutes of your time to loose yourself in being creative.  

Frequently asked questions:

So this is how it would work...

I will do a 10 video in real time, painting a small painting.. it wont be speed-ed up nor would it be scripted, sometimes it would turn out to be something I would want to keep and other times it would go in a pile to be reworked.  But the whole idea is to be creative and do something everyday.

Why am I doing this... two reasons. One, I have seen how much of a difference it has made in my life by giving myself some time to decompress and process thru some ideas while I loose myself in the painting and the second reason is I have hangups about talking on a video and worry about my accent, people not understanding me or mispronouncing words... you know all the things that happen when you doubt yourself.

Supplies: below is the list of items I would be using ( you can see my favorite list in the footnote of my website for links)
    1. small watercolor journal 5x7 would be perfect. or watercolor paper in similar size
    2. Paint brushes, 2 to three of various sizes
    3. Acrylic paint in your favorite colors
    4. China Markers (non water soluble wax pencils black and white)
    5. color pencils
    6. black and white acrylic markers
    • How long would this last... lets start small say 30 days for now 

    Watch out for my email with link to the video. See you on January 15th